Start the conversation

Many of us don’t like talking about the type of care we want at the end of our lives. However, it’s only through these conversations and actions that we can let people know about the care we want and the things we value.

Page last updated: 16 April 2018

This can be a difficult subject to bring up with friends and family. Below are some suggested conversation starters and a guide that may help you:

  • I’ve talked to your mother about what I would like if I get really sick and I would like you to support her by…
  • Now that we have moved into a retirement home, we have put our affairs in order and I’d like to show you where everything is…
  • I have made an Advance Care Directive; I’d like you to take a look at it so you understand what I would like…
  • Conversation Guide: What Matters To Me
For a full list of resources including Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander materials see Palliative Care Publications.
For more tips on how to start the conversation visit Palliative Care Australia.

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