The Mental health of Australians 2: report on the 2007 national survey of mental health and wellbeing

This report presents a comprehensive summary of the results of the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing. It provides information on the prevalence of mental disorders, their severity, associated suicidality, and comorbidity with other mental disorders and physical conditions, as well as what services people use for their mental health problems.

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The mental health of Australians 2 (online)

PDF version: The mental health of Australians 2 (PDF 855 KB large file)

The same publication in smaller sections:

Cover pages (PDF 43 KB) (including title page, copyright and foreword)
Contents (PDF 39 KB) (including lists of tables and figures)
2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing highlights (PDF 381 KB)
1. Introduction (PDF 46 KB)
2. An overview of mental disorders in Australia (PDF 108 KB)
3. Service use (PDF 122 KB)
4. Affective disorders in Australia (PDF 63 KB)
5. Anxiety disorders in Australia (PDF 74 KB)
6. Substance use disorders in Australia (PDF 64 KB)
7. Comorbidity (PDF 96 KB)
8. Suicidality (PDF 70 KB)
9. Social networks (PDF 35 KB)
10. Caregiving (PDF 49 KB)
11. Methodological issues and comparison of findings (PDF 35 KB)
Glossary (PDF 45 KB)

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