Prostheses List Guide

The Prostheses List Guide is currently being reviewed and minor updates may be published from time-to-time. Stakeholders are encouraged to check this page to ensure they are referring to the most up-to-date version of the Prostheses List Guide.

Page last updated: 06 November 2019

Prostheses List

On November 2019, the Department of Health updated the Prostheses List: Guide to listing and setting benefits for prostheses (the Guide). The Department of Health is in the process of commissioning a review of the Guide to reflect other prostheses reform activities, but has taken the opportunity to update the Guide to ensure accuracy and currency of information in the interim.

This is the second revision to the February 2017 version of the Guide: (February 2017, Revision 2)

Prostheses List Guide (6.11.2019) (Word 1513 KB)
Prostheses List Guide (6.11.2019) (PDF 1409 KB)

The Trans Aortic Valve Implantation Clinical Advisory Group (TAVICAG) guideline should be read in conjunction with the Prostheses List Guide.

PDF version: TAVICAG Guideline (PDF 27 KB)
Word version: TAVICAG Guideline (Word 28 KB)