Medicare safety net arrangements

Australia enjoys a robust private health system that is supported by public funding. Medicare safety net arrangements are part of this system and operate to assist Australians with high out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital services.

Page last updated: 16 May 2017

Overview: key Medicare safety net arrangements

A simplified overview of the safety net model including the current proposal to streamline safety net arrangements.


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Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)

About the Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)—its development, components, benefit caps, review and 2015 changes.


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Original Medicare Safety Net (OMSN)

Simple details and diagram.


Greatest Permissible Gap (GPG)

Greatest Permissible Gap (GPG)—its operation and effect.



For information about Medicare eligibility, claims and services please contact:
Patients telephone 13 20 11
Providers telephone 13 21 50
Email address Medicare

Websites Medicare Safety Net (Department of Human Services)
Health Care Card (Department of Social Services)
MBS Online (Department of Health)