Sep 242012
Bega's Mobile Community Engagement Vehicle

Bega’s Mobile Community Engagement Vehicle

Bega Garnbirringu Health Service (Bega) is spreading the healthy word to communities within the Goldfields region of Western Australia, thanks to its Mobile Community Engagement Vehicle.

Bega’s Healthy Lifestyle team works collaboratively with the Western Desert Kidney Health Project and the Bega Mobile Clinic to promote active lifestyles, eating good tucker and addressing life issues.

Bega’s core aims are to increase opportunities for physical activity, support healthy communities, and improve access to healthy food through the creation of broad and stimulating activities aimed at promoting active and healthy living.

“Our aim is to create  stimulating  community driven activities for all age groups and support a variety of initiatives aimed at promoting active and healthy living.”

Clive Holt, Chief Operations Officer, Bega Garnbirringu Health Service

What’s happening?

Communities across the region are benefitting from programs tailored to their needs. From community vegetable patches and physical activity sessions to cooking demonstrations and awareness workshops, Bega’s work is geared towards building healthier lifestyles!

Getting the community involved

Bega works with individual communities to identify health and lifestyle issues, and the resources required to address them. Solutions are practical and tailored to the needs of particular regions.

To do this, Bega forms working partnerships with other service providers and stakeholders, to support and educate the community where needed.

Health achievements

Bega’s mobile approach to engagement has seen over 500 people access information on chronic disease, healthy living, being active and tobacco cessation through community activities. Additionally, over 100 people have had a health assessment with its mobile clinic in the last six months.

A weekly healthy lifestyle program based at the YMCA encourages physical activity and eating well, with a nutritional lunch and advice provided. There are plans to extend this program to provide healthy cooking classes to mothers of primary-school aged children.

Next steps

Bega has big plans to let even more people know about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and are currently negotiating with local band “Uz Boyz” to work with local communities to write songs, record messages and distribute via local media.

Bega are also looking to enhance the opportunities for local engagement through the creation of “Yarning spaces” – informal, culturally appropriate areas to talk about healthy lifestyles.

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